ICGRN Paris 2010 (14)

Created on: 18 May 2011
  • Paris from Notre-Dame
  • Mass disaster secondary site
  • IRCGN Mobile Crime Lab
  • Barbeque dinner presented by the IRCGN 3-D Modeling team in Fountainebleu
  • On the bus, returning from Fountainebleu to Paris
  • The class heading downtown on the Metro
  • The Maison Alfort facility in Paris
  • The Gendarmarie Academy in Fountainebleu
  • Interior Blood spatter scenerio
  • Interior blood spatter scenerio in the Abbey near Fountainebleu
  • 2010 Group Photo
  • Exterior Blood spatter scenario
  • Exterior Bloodspatter Scenario
  • Exterior blood spatter scenario

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