Workshop Event

The IAFSM Group Event - Crash Related Scenario
This event will take place at the Inn at Opryland

IAFSM Workshop | Monday, 24 February 2020

This workshop day will consist of two scenario based elements that equip laser scanner operators, sUAS mapping pilots, photographers, and Total Station / GPS survey operators to capture those elements of crash and blood pattern events that are critical to effective forensic reconstructions.  IAFSM recognizes that the operators of 3D documentation devices may not necessarily be qualified crash or blood pattern analysts.  However, they are commonly asked to document these events in the course of investigations.   Students will participate in practical exercises and discussions to illustrate the core concepts of a forensically sound 3D documentation for both investigations.  Workshop leaders will provide participants with a workflow pamphlet that can be used to guide their efforts in future investigations.


0800 – 1130 hrs.:  Critical Elements of Blood Pattern Documentation for Effective Reconstruction – Led by Ken Jones and Mike Russ

A short lecture will be followed by live demonstrations of blood pattern creation.  Students will perform practical exercises to reinforce forensically sound methodologies for the 3D documentation of blood patterns.  Laser scanners and BPA reconstruction software will be made available for students.


13:30 - 1700 hrs.:  Critical Elements of Crash Scene Documentation for Effective Reconstruction – Led by Joel Salinas

A short lecture will be followed by practical exercises and colloquy on the proper techniques for documenting all elements of a crash event that a qualified crash reconstructionist will require.  Crash damaged vehicles and pavement marks will be the focus of the practical exercises.  Crash damaged vehicles will also be present during night hours to allow attendees the opportunity to practice the techniques from the workshop in low light conditions.




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